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[Wooden pail]  R360 x H140

[Wooden box]  W500 x H180 x D330

[Woodworking chair]  W270 x H270 x D420



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Replacement of material value  -

Plastic that typical symbol of mass-production has values that it can be copied easily and homogenous. In spite of this, wood has been used for furniture and craft works for long time can be defined as a material that has unique property due to the natural pattern and texture.


In this project, I suggest the new way of thinking of product design through the replacement of the both value that I mentioned and developed them as one material. 


In the production process of plastic products, 95% use the mold during molding. I used wooden mold to copy wood texture indeed of using usual mold. Broiling resin to a surface of wood that was singed. It is possible to copy the singed grain because of that it create patterned ashes on the surface due to different amount of moisture in each grain. Grains that include high amount of moisture remained as its own pattern.

Using this process, a plastic changed its own figure as homogenous into a plastic that has characteristic.


It is easy to singe the same surface of wood and copy it to plastic. it means that we are able to mass-produce the grains.

This is “Copying wood”. The values of material that both plastic and wood have at first have replaced. Typical mass-production material “Plastic" that has no characteristic has characteristic through this process and one and only unique material “Wood” became the material that can be copied.


The two materials changed into completely different material due to the replacement process that I used. I believed that this idea brings new perspective to our life.








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