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[ light ]  W1750 x H55 x D45



OHP film


LED light

audio cable


acryl plate

A quest for light that fuses into the space -

Dyeing the transparent resin produced by taking in bubbles, hitting the LED light, light diffusely reflects on bubbles, and the resin indirectly emits light. Light bounces off the ground and light bleeds through the gap with the ground. The resin and the ground played the role of a cushion of light, a soft, warm lamp like the evening sky was born. Instead of collecting objects to be illuminated towards the light, the light perceived a light that itself blended into the things and space and blended into the air. Not the light itself, but the design of the light. In a form lifted at one end, there is a bizarre tension feeling which does not feel the volume feeling and the hardness of concrete. A shape with few elements with two line segments of different lengths joined by arcs of R 5000 will snuggle as light fuses into the space.



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