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movie -  Special Thanks YUNOSUKE ISHIBASHI

New value of the stationery born by giving the function of the tool to the magnet. -

Stationery with magnetic force. It is a proposal of a stationery as a mass which excludes a pencil case and a pen stand, which gathers by sticking and sticking together by magnetic force. Magnets are used like commonplace, but "invisible power" to inquire and get away is mysterious. I think that the relationship between pen and pen, pen and person, person and stationery, will gradually change, by giving the "function" of the stationery tool to that magnet. The unexpected nature of "stationery sticking" can also create a chance for conversation in everyday life. In the design of the form, the magnets themselves change their shapes, and the functions of the stationery are provided there, cherish the image as if they were born, changing the shape of the cross section for each function, so that the type can be distinguished by touch and appearance . By the magnetic force, you can also use new ways of use that are different from the roles that each is originally given. I think it would be nice to have some fun using it because it is a stationary item that I use everyday.

磁力を持った文房具。それぞれが磁力で集まりくっつくことでまとめる、筆箱やペン立てを排除した塊としての文房具の提案である。磁石は身近で当たり前のように使われているが、引き合ったり離れあったりする”目に見えない力”は不思議なものである。その磁石に文房具という道具の「機能」を与えることでペンとペン、ペンと人、人と文房具、それぞれの関係性が少しづつ変わっていくのではないかと思う。”文房具がくっつく”という意外性も日常での会話のきっかけを作れるのではないか。 形態のデザインは、磁石そのものが形を変え、そこに文房具の機能が備わり生まれたようなイメージを大切におり、断面の形状を機能ごとに変えることで、手触りや見た目で種類を判別できるようになっている。磁力によって、それぞれが元に与えられている役割とは又違った新しい使い方もできる。毎日使う文房具だからこそ、使うことがちょっと楽しくなったらいいなと思う。