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steel pipe

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New style of rattan funiture -

This chair featuring a frame composed of rattan and steel two parts proposed a traditional rattan furniture in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia in a new style. The chair function was born by placing the seat surface with the rattan basket as a motif on the frame, making it possible to stack each by removing it.

Because rattan is flexible and flexible, the furniture to be made is mostly a complicated structure with penetration and bundle. Because it is flexible and easy to process, it is inferior in strength in individuals, which is the cause of creating complicated shapes with many elements. "CO." Realized a rattan furniture of a clear form which has never been seen by losing the reinforcement material by combining the steel with high strength and ensuring the space beneath the seat boldly. In order to differentiate it from conventional rattan furniture, R of bending was taken small, and a design that made use of a straight line was given. The rattan's front legs turn to the back and become the back, the steel rear legs move forward and overlap. It fulfills the function of the chair by placing the seating surface on the part where they overlap. It also has the function of stacking which was not found in rattan furniture so far.






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