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Catch me if you can.

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steel pipe

Rubber stopper

Bookshelf forconsciously feeling and experiencing the actions of oneself who is doing it unconsciously. -

When sitting on a chair, when putting on a rack, when returning a book to a bookshelf people do these acts unconsciously in their lives. In a casual everyday situation it is only a single action, perhaps not even recognizing the operation. I think that this behavior is dared to conscious, I realize my own acts, I think that the usual daily life can be felt a little rich. Take the book "take your hands back and forth", and do this with this bookshelf by "pouring in" the air into the balloon. This act becomes an element that makes people and books, books and shelves conscious. And if the consumer side actively participates in this magical shape and touches the space and book shelf itself that it is placed and triggers to "feel" with the body from the fact that people unconsciously "use" the interior I think.




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