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Incense Clock

[ Clock ]

cube           / 3min

cone           / 5min

ball             / 10min

cylinder      / 30min

stick           / 1h

parabola    / 1.5h

zigzag       / 3h

bolt            / 1day

pene          / 1week

It is a product that can measure time with the incense burning interval -

The clock made of Incense. In incense there are various kinds such as stick shaped, smelling, burning incense, the shape and burning time are different. This product utilizes the fact that the burning time is proportional to the length and size of the incense, it is a product that can measure time with the interval of burning from turning on fire to burning out. There are nine kinds in total, and it is possible to measure the length of time you want to measure depending on the combination. By clicking ... the second hand and the moving second hand, and the dial with the number engraved are eliminated, it escapes from the pressure feeling of the clock. A clock of wanting to spend slowly loose.


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